Once the program is generated, it needs to be compiled and cataloged. Compilation is a process by which the system verifies the program generated by PARADYME and turns it from a form that can be read by humans, called source code, into a form that can be understood by the system, called object code. Cataloging is a process by which the 'object code' is indexed so that it can be retrieved and 'run' by the system when required to do so. This option will carry out both of these functions. A display of asterisks on the screen notifies the user of the progress of the compilation.

Once this process has completed successfully, the program will be ready to run. For further information on program compilation and cataloging, refer to your machine's manuals.

After compilation the screen would look similar to the following:-

Note that the screen will look like this when running the windows version of jBase. Your actual screen may look different depending on which version of the Pick / Multivalue operating system you use.