This option creates standard dictionary items for the update file used by the PARADYME program currently being processed.

Apart from standard mainfile attribute items, any xref file lookups are also built into 'Tfile translate' items.

The attribute names as they appear on your file layouts are used, but numbered items, e.g. '1', '2' etc., are also created for lazy people!

It should be noted that the items generated will OVERWRITE any dictionary items that have the same name. Should the user wish to change the dictionary definition then it is advisable to save the new definition under a new name.

The dictionary items generated by PARADYME are only for the item that the user is currently processing, i.e. For the one entered in the first screen. It only generates dictionary items for those fields defined in the prompt definition screen, taking the field lengths from the screen layout defined for the PARADYME routine.

On selecting this option, the cursor will wait in the bottom left hand corner until all the dictionary items have been generated. Once they have been generated, the screen display is refreshed and the user is once again asked to select an option from the main menu. This option only takes a few seconds to complete.