The screen for defining files used by the PARADYME application is shown in the figure that follows.

Here, you should enter the 'shorthand' code for every file to be used in your program. The name of the file set up in the 'Define File Layouts' section will be displayed next to the code if the short-form is valid. If not an error message will be displayed.

File 'shorthands' may be used throughout a PARADYME program but only need to be defined once. It is for this reason that the files used must be specified per program using this screen. Also note that files that are used in insert items should be specified in this section. This saves the user from coding for OPENing the file for use in the program.

If the user is unsure of the reference of a particular file then by hitting the INVERT key, the user will be asked for a part of the full file name or part of the file reference. All those files that match the specified search criteria will be displayed on the screen.

This screen is a window, so there is no theoretical limit to the number of files you can enter here.