To carry out any of the functions described below, logon to the PARADYME administration account.

 To check PARADYME license settings

At TCL, enter PD.SERIAL.NO. The system will then display information in the following format:-

Your serial number is  : PARADYME
Serial no last set     : 23 JAN 2005
Your license expires   : 01 APR 2007
License extension days : 60

 To extend the PARADYME expiry date

At TCL type in PD.RESET. You will be presented with a chevron prompt, i.e. >

At the prompt, enter the access code. This code can only be obtained from a member of the PARADYME staff.

If the wrong code is entered, the user will be returned to TCL. If the correct code is entered, you will be prompted as follows :-

     ED >

Enter the new expiry date in a valid date format. You will then be presented with the following prompts. Just press [RETURN] to each prompt in turn.

     RC >
     SN >
    MAX >

On entering the final [RETURN], the system will display the PARADYME license settings as described above and then return you to TCL.

To activate the new setting, enter PD.INDENT at TCL. PARADYME should now be operational.

 Emergency PARADYME extension

If you cannot get hold of a member of the PARADYME team, a utility has been provided to enable the user to extend the license expiry date in the case of an emergency. Use PD.SERIAL.NO to check how many days the expiry date will be extended.

To extend the expiry date, type PD.EXTENSION at TCL. The system will then print


and the license will be extended by the number of days specified in the PD.SERIAL.NO output. The system will then display the PARADYME license settings as described above

Note that this is a one off facility. Once the days have been used, the number of extension days will be set to zero and as such, the utility will not extend the expiry date again until reset by a member of the PARADYME staff.

The reset utility is called PD.SET.EXT. The use of this utility is beyond the scope of this manual.