PARADYME is a versatile and powerful code generator for the PICK environment. It is capable of producing application programs in a fraction of the time required for 'hand coding'.

PARADYME is first and foremost a technical tool and is designed for use by programmers and analysts with a good knowledge of the PICK Operating System. However, this does not preclude people with a working knowledge of PICK from using PARADYME. Indeed we feel there is a lot that can be done by relative beginners with the right supervision.

Code generators come in various guises but certain types can be distinguished. These are:-

Generators of type 1 have the drawback of restricting the programmer to the allowable commands within the generator. While this may generally be acceptable, occasions do arise where the versatility of a programming language is required to solve a problem.

Those of the second type cause problems of regeneration. If a code generator is used to create an application that is subsequently hand amended by a programmer then the application can no longer be maintained via the generator and the advantage of using such a tool is greatly diminished.

PARADYME overcomes the disadvantages of types 1 and 2. It does this by allowing the programmer to create tailored code and by holding those 'tailored' items of logic as 'inserts' which will be re-inserted at specified relative positions in subsequent versions of the generated program. This means that even if the programmer modifies other parts of the routine, the 'inserts' will still be added in the same logical place as was first intended by the programmer. The great advantage of this ability to influence program function by using logic inserts means that the only restrictions placed on PARADYME generated programs are those imposed by the programming anguage.

PARADYME allows the programmer to quickly develop applications screens and menus and to build into these extensive cross-reference and validation facilities.